Learn Middle Egyptian is an app for practising your transliteration of Egyptian Hieroglyphs!

New features and updates coming soon… if you have any suggestions, please contact us at CleopatraAndTheSphinx@JanelleDixon.com

See the Gardiner codes below for a list of signs included in the current release of the app. Images coming soon!

Aa1, D21, D36, D46, D58, F32, G1, G17, G43, I9, I10, M17, M17x2, N37, N29, O34, O4, Q3, S29, V28, V31, V13, W11, N35, X1

X8, Y5, Aa16, Z11, Aa28, D1, D2, D28, D35, D37, D4, D43, E23, E34, E9, W24, W25, F13, F18, W14, W19, F22, F26, F34, F40, F42, G21, G25, G28, G29, G35, G36, G38, G39, G40, G47, H6, I6, K1, K4, M12, M16, M22x2, M23, M3, M36, M8, N16, N26, N28, N35a, N36, N40, N41, O1, O29, O50, Q1, R11, T19, T21, T22, T28, T3, T8, U1, U15, U23, U28, U30, U33, U36, U6, V30, V16, V4, V6, V7

M13, G14, G4, H3, I1, L1, M1, M26, M29, N10, N14, N9, O28, O42, P6, P8, R4, R5, R8, S34, S38, S41, T12, T18, F25, W12, F35, W2, F21, W9, F12, Aa11

We would like to acknowledge the use of JSESH, created by Serge Rosmorduc. Available at: http://jseshdoc.qenherkhopeshef.org