Here’s a Scarab Beetle Box I found on Thingiverse:


You can download and print it here.

I’ve demonstrated how I made the box below and you can also see the instructions by the designer here.

1. Paint all 13 parts (I used spray paint).


2. Assemble the base and leave to dry.


3. Assemble the drawer and leave to dry.

3 4

4. Glue in the circular jewel (or use a jewel of your own).


5. Glue in the head jewel. Make sure the hinge still moves.

5 6

6. Attach the wings (yes, the head jewel should be in there 🙂 ).

7 8

7. Attach the lid catch. You might need to do some filing to get this to fit snugly.


8. Assemble the middle part (the part with the jewel) to the base. You should position the drawer where it is going to go but make sure you don’t glue the drawer. The small movement is what creates the locking mechanism.


9. Glue the next part on top.


10. Then the head of the top part of the scarab can be glued to the base. Make sure you don’t glue the wings down as we want to be able to open the box. When positioning the head, make sure the latch can lock and unlock the lid.


You’re finished! It should look something like this:



Be careful with the box – it’s not very durable!

Some of these parts could be printed as one part, I think the designer printed them separately so they can be painted different colours easily.